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Office Space Negotiations Are An Opportunity.

Not A Headache.

For years, commercial developers have had access to the best real estate advisors and attorneys to assist them in obtaining the highest income possible from their properties. Tenants typically have been at a disadvantage in negotiating terms for new office space or in renewing existing leases.

Since rent is usually the largest overhead expense after personnel, it is imperative that tenants make an effort to utilize their full bargaining strength in negotiations leading to a lease or building purchase. Although you do not have much control over salaries and other overhead expenses, a lease or building purchase gives you the opportunity to control office space costs for years.

Many commercial brokerage firms offer their services to office tenants in identifying and negotiating terms for new office space. Most of these firms, however, have their primary allegiance to developers and are obligated to their developer clients to bring tenants to certain buildings, seeking the highest rents possible.

STRATEGIC REALTY ADVISORS, INC. exclusively represents organizations leasing or purchasing office, retail and warehouse space. SRA provides the expertise and technical support to negotiate complex lease and purchase transactions. We understand tenants and their commercial real estate needs.

SRA represents your interests in its efforts to obtain excellent terms on your behalf - terms that will control your occupancy costs for the next five, ten or fifteen years.

For profit-oriented firms, lower real estate costs increase profitability and enhance your competitive advantage. For non-profit organizations, lower rents permit you to put your limited resources into your programs, not your landlord's pocket. Either way, you can save money, time and trouble by retaining experts to guide you through the relocation or renewal process.

SRA has the Expertise to Meet Your Real Estate Needs

Tenant Representation

Representing commercial tenants is our core service to clients. SRA provides a full range of advisory services, from initial needs assessment and comparative site analysis to coordination of design, construction and legal review with outside professionals. We assist you with evaluating renewal, expansion or relocation, and with lease restructuring.

Purchaser Representation

SRA works with you to purchase office or warehouse space by identifying and evaluating appropriate sites, coordinating inspections and environmental reports, and assisting in structuring purchase offers to give you maximum flexibility with minimum risk.

Lease/Purchase Assessments

SRA helps you evaluate the merits of leasing versus purchasing. Our analyses incorporate cash flow and tax considerations as well as construction expenses, developer concessions and financing alternatives.

Confidential Representation

SRA understands the need for complete confidentiality. If you are considering starting a new firm, performing preliminary market analyses, or considering a merger or acquisition, call us.

Rent Escalation and Operating Expense Passthroughs

We can check the accuracy of the landlordís invoices.

What Sets SRA Apart?

SRA saves you time and money by coordinating a complex process. Remember your last move? We represent 30 to 50 clients annually, and having done so for three decades, know the process. We do not waste your time on inappropriate properties or fruitless negotiations. We coordinate the actions of attorneys, architects and contractors to ensure that transactions take place on time and within budget so you can focus on your business.

We structure the transaction to meet your needs. SRAís approach to tenant representation goes well beyond getting you a low initial rent and a few landlord concessions.

    For example:
  • Over a ten year lease, rent increases alone can account for 25% to 35% of total rent expenditures. A few modest changes to standard lease clauses can save several hundred thousand dollars for even a mid-sized tenant.
  • Tax and financial reporting issues must be considered to avoid adverse consequences.
  • Properly drafted construction provisions can make the difference between ordinary and outstanding space, and who pays for the extras.
  • As you grow, flexible expansion options are essential to take advantage of the favorable lease terms we negotiate.
  • Should you outgrow your space, we seek broad sublease and expansion rights.
  • Should you merge or sell your business, we seek broad transfer provisions to give you the most flexibility.
  • In case you have to terminate your lease, we endeavor to limit your personal liability.

We structure the process to protect your interests. At SRA, we position you to take full advantage of your negotiating leverage. We help you begin the relocation/renewal process at the right time and adhere to a schedule that permits you to make informed and cost-effective decisions. To take advantage of market conditions, we identify and maintain negotiations with several alternative properties and prepare comprehensive comparative financial analyses of both total occupancy costs and monthly cash flow. We create our own forms of analysis, so we can tailor your analyses to your specifications, permitting you to evaluate the transactions under consideration however you wish.

We pride ourselves on our immediate responsiveness to your needs. As a smaller, more focused firm, every transaction is significant to us and we have the ability to spend more time on your transaction. We know that even simple things, such as returning your telephone calls promptly, are important to you.

We add value to the transaction. Some people believe the role of real estate brokers ends at identifying potential buildings for lease or sale. For SRA, that is just the beginning. We earn our fee several times over, but donít take our word for it Ė ask our clients.

We are on your side. Our clients recognize us an essential part of their team, the equivalent of an in-house real estate department without the overhead. You can rely on SRA to put your interests first.

Our clients are our greatest source of business. Clients have referred more than 85% of our business. This alone should tell you something about us.

Meet with us before you hire a broker, or before you begin the process of renewing, expanding or relocating on your own.